About me

Hello! I'm Rachael Gregg, a twenty-something year old designer/printmaker living in Portland, Oregon and I just graduated art school. I have a keen eye for design and art as well as a love for writing. On this blog you'll find posts about whats been catching my eye lately with a little bit of personal lifestyle thrown in. Now for the real bio:

Growing up a part of the Rebel Alliance, Rachael fought off evil with Dr. Peter Venkman and Rowdy Roddy Piper. As an adult she's trying to pay her rent while keeping up good grades, good looks and a humble lifestyle. If you didnt get that joke, you might not like this blog. 

Oh, and also, if you want to read more about me you can visit my old blog www.lovelylittlehenley.blogspot.com where I wrote down daily life for 3 years... until I accidentally deleted 90% of the images and decided I needed to kill myself.... I mean blog in a new direction.