Jul 28, 2014

Welcome me to the 21st century.

My adoring, loving, tired of me using his phone boyfriend went out and bought me an iphone last week. I was living int he early 90's with my super awesome slide keyboard phone. Let's be honest, it did what I needed it to do. It was a good phone... unless I needed to use the "m" key. That key was wonky.

So hello smartphone! Instagram! Snapchat! Welcome to my life. I'm sure from here on out this blog will only be instagram photos. Sorry about that. But maybe I'll blog more because of this??? Lets hope so.

Because I met the tiniest 4lb baby this weekend, my dad celebrated his 58th birthday, I made him coconut marshmallows and he absolutely loved them. I think I need to make them monthly. He's really got a thing for marshmallows.

So thank you Brandon! For this wonderful gift. It was very exciting to see that iphone box sitting on the table when I got home. Love you!

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