Jun 25, 2014

We Played Tourist In Our Own Town

This weekend Brandon and I had a blast exploring our own town, being tourist in our own city of Portland. It was crazy how many tourists were already out even though summer just started. We started by having lunch at the McMenamins Kennedy School and eating their famous cajun tots.

We headed off to Washington Park to see the test Rose Garden. It smelled so good here! All the flowers were in bloom and I'm glad we got to see it before they all died. 

Yep, I forced him to pose here. 

Next we went to the south waterfront and rode the OHSU Tram! Such a beautiful view of the city! We are both scared of heights but I had been on it before and knew what to expect, it was hilarious to watch Brandon's face as the tram swayed back and forth. 

And of course we ended the day with some much needed ice cream from Ruby Jewel. From this table I can see up into my apartment across the street... so weird to think my lease is up in 5 months and I wont live across from this amazing ice cream place. 

Such a good way to enter summer! We had a blast together!

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