Apr 2, 2014

Easy Pumpkin Zucchini Bread

I feel like I haven't baked anything in the longest time and I've been eating a lot of really crappy tasteless food since October when I started following the IC diet for my health. I miss chocolate chip cookies... a lot. More than a lot. Not being able to eat some of my favorite foods has really discouraged me in the kitchen and I think its time I get my ass back in there.

Monday I made some pumpkin zucchini bread from this recipe. It was super easy and the combinations of fruits and veggies are endless. This bread is so delicious... I cannot stress how yummy this was. I doubled the amount of cinnamon and didnt add the nuts but its totally preference. The ends were a little dry so I cut them off but the rest of the loaf was super moist and the texture was perfect.

I took it to work and it was gone before noon! I think this combo was a winner!

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