Feb 25, 2014

Those damn Girl Scouts, they'll get ya everytime

They are awful disgusting horrible cookies.... or thats what I keep telling myself because when you have IC you don't get the luxury of eating an entire box of Samoas even though thats all you want to do for the rest of your life is sit on the damn couch and eat a dozen cookies. Unfortunately theres a lot of soy and chocolate in girl scout cookies, two no go's as far as IC is concerned. Two big I can't go to work for 4 days after eating 3 damn cookies no go's.

So dammit. There's one more thing I have to check off my list of foods I can eat. Thank god for having a manager at my job who completely understands my situation and lets me take the time I need to heal and for my boyfriend who instead of running for the hills does everything he can to make me comfortable and loved. 

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