Nov 13, 2013

Adventures in my IC Diet.

Due to health blah blah blah stuff I'm on a low acid (IC) Diet. I'm not suppose to have chocolate, my favorite sweet, so I'm trying out other dessert options. The only fruits I can eat are watermelon, pears and blueberries. Since two of these things are very seasonal and expensive, I have resorted to frozen blueberries. Because the fruit is so sweet to begin with, these don't need a lot of extra sugar. Or any.

I lined the pan with store bought dough, added a handful of berries on top and some streusel I made out of oats, butter and brown sugar. I baked it until it smelled good.

I'm pretty happy with the result, the blueberries and streusel were delicious but I don't think I needed the dough on the bottom.

But yay! Food I can eat and like to eat! 

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