Aug 15, 2013

lets get weird // and work out

Is it obvious that this smile is forced? Because it is. I just got home from working out.... my first time in i dont know a year? or more? I used to be in shape. You know. Kind of. I've been on a pretty strict diet for a week now and each day I'm starving a little less, so thats nice. Today my coworker Sigrid and myself went to the local high school track and worked out. We did it. She's in a waterfront bootcamp class and she showed me a couple of the work outs they do. OMG. She's good. Damn good. I am not that good but I can aspire to be her! I don't want to be an Olsen twin, but maybe an Olsen twin and a half. That sounds nice.

Here are my goals before October:

Lose 5 pounds
Run a mile without stopping
Do 10 real push ups in a row

Easy Goals! Because I like reaching goals! And when I reach them I make more to reach! Woooo! I am so happy that my coworker wants to work out after work and has similar goals as myself. That push and encouragement is needed. Thanks Sig! 

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