Jun 12, 2013

Portland's 2013 Naked Bike Ride

Keep Portland Weird. It's our motto. We wear it proudly. Example: Portlands Naked Bike Ride, an annual Pedal Palooza tradition. To be clear, I was only a curious spectator this year... but next years ride is screaming my name. Thousands of bikers met up at the Portland Art museum and got naked. Real naked. The museum's entry cost $1 per piece of clothing you were wearing. The photos are amazing. You can see them here. They are also not safe for work. I'm so nice to warn you. 

Around 10:10pm last saturday I heard loud cheering outside, not uncommon for my neighborhood, but when it lasted a couple minutes I ran to my windows to see... naked people... riding their bikes. Police escorted, roads closed, freedom of expression and women proud to be... them. Naked. In public. The feminist in me loves this. The nakedness went on for an hour and twenty minutes. People lined the sidewalks to watch the parade. I love Portland, Oregon. I am so proud to keep it weird.

You can see the picture I took from my window after the jump. 

It was night and they were moving fast but lets be honest... the blurriness is a blessing.

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  1. lol I saw them when my bestfriend and I went to the Voodoo Donuts on Sandy after a concert. The blurriness is definitely a good thing!


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