Jun 16, 2013

New Years 2013, a look back

I got into his car. It was a nice car. Ok, it was the low end model of a nice car, but it as still a nice car. Six settings on those heated seats. Six. I can't even count that high. I got into his car. He was handsome. I instantly thought to myself "This guy is out of my league. This guy is not going to like me. A drag queen! This night isn't going to last long."

No. He was not a drag queen, one just walked by. I live in that kind of a neighborhood people. It's fabulous... back to New Years. I got into his car and we were set to go get Pizza. We drove all over town to Pizza Parlors that had closed early because of the holiday. In the back of my mind I thought that he was just going to drive me home and drop me off. We landed on, what turned out to be his favorite, rice bowl place. We laughed a lot. We told funny stories to each other. We were having a good time. Maybe he wasn't out of my league. Maybe he did genuinely like me. Maybe I would take him to a friends party after all.

Fast forward a couple of hours.

We went to Abigael's house party. He brought two bottles of champagne. Two. I can't even count that high. I was impressed. I love champagne. He pretended he already knew that. We made out in the stairwell. He professed his love for me to people he didn't know on a patio he'd never been on before. We kissed at midnight and he sprayed champagne everywhere. I'm sorry if the floors are still sticky Abigael. And the rest is well.... the rest.

I will chose not to remember this guy buy anything other than the events mentioned here on that night. I will chose for forgive the mistakes he made in the coming months... The harsh words out of his mouth. I chose to let myself fully live my life without him holding me back. I chose to not be hurt. I am stronger than that.

I will remember New Years 2013 fondly. 

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