May 15, 2013

Mary had a little hook up.

My friend Mary is a cook at one of my favorite restaurants in Portland, Iriving St Kitchen. It's southern inspired Pacific Northwest Food. If you ever land in Portland, eat here. Get the butterscotch pudding. I know... that sounds not so exciting... trust me, it is. You'll never want a snack pack again. Food just kept coming to our table like we were kings, this truly was a hook up.

Rack of lamb, pork loin, halibut, tuna, roasted peppers, chicken friend oysters, meatballs, Foie gras, butterscotch pudding with a peanut brittle that was light as cotton candy, basil sorbet, molasses sorbet and peach sorbet. This place has wine on tap. Wine on tap. 

As you can see, I didn't get any photos of the food. Whoops. Every time something came to the table we just devoured it. No time for photos when good food is in front of you. 

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