Apr 9, 2013

Ralph Buen and the Stuff band

I have a lot of vintage stuff. Cameras, typewriters, bottles, pictures, knick knacks. Just stuff. Also known as crap, shit, garbage. As well as stuff, I have a materialistic life style. I like my stuff. I dont't want to get rid of my stuff. I enjoy being surrounded by objects I find beautiful. I rearrange these objects daily, creating little compositions. I look at my apartment full of stuff as an archive of things I find aesthetically pleasing, have emotional value and in most cases own a heavy sense of nostalgia.

The above Polaroid box was bought at a garage sell. I have two of these, and the land cameras that came in them. The above one is worn, has a broken leather handle and the most lovely hand lettering. That R is amazing and it makes me smile when I see it. As most of my "stuff" does.

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  1. What is it about letters? They can be so beautiful.


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