Apr 16, 2013

I like sporting events because I get to scream and stomp the whole time.

And what is more fun than screaming and stomping? Nothing. Ask any two year old. Also stadium nachos... Always a mistake. Not a mistake? All the hot guys. So many hot guys. Including their mascot, a real lumberjack, Timber Joey. My brother told me to go get my scarf signed by him... and I did, without hesitation. The dudes totally cute.

We sat in the timbers army last weekend. You guys. The Timber's Army sings and dances the whole time. They cheer and chant and move side to side. These fans are hardcore. We sang you are my sunshine. Come on! What? Just a couple hundred adults singing you are my sunshine to a soccer team? Adorbs. Loved it. Can't wait to go back again!

Oh yeah... also... the Timbers won! I must be their good luck charm. Their humble good luck charm.

This shot was taken from the first game I went to, the Timber's Army is that section in the left of the photo. You can't tell but I bet they're singing.

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