Mar 13, 2013

Silent Gratitude // Rachel Hermes

"Silent Gratitude is not much use to anyone."
G B Stern
Dear Hermes, 

You are the little sister I always wanted and never had. You are one of my best friends even though there's 6 years between us. We are in our twenties, 6 years can seem like a lot in our twenties but I am sure in our thirties this will mean less. We'll just be sisters... with the same name. I'll still call you Hermes. Everyone always compliments your name when I call you Hermes.

I tell you everything and I love telling you everything. You tell me somethings and I love that you don't seem to care that I am much better at talking than listening. I am sorry. I will try to be a better listener. You make me want to be a better person like a real little sister should. When I'm having a bad day you are always there and when I know you need a hug I always extend my arms. We hug a lot. I like that about us. We hug hello and good bye and between those moments too.

You are so strong. I want to be like you when I grow up. I want to be as smart as you. I want to have as much fire as you do. I want to be friends for a very long time. Let's get matching tattoos.... but lets wait until our thirties. I love you. And I know you love me. And that there is something magical. 


PS- Thanks for trusting me and just handing over your iphone so I can take pictures of you because the sunlight was so pretty in your hair.

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