Mar 1, 2013

On hold with IRS Craft time Presents: Gold Leafing

Rent is due today. I check out my bank account. $350 missing. Fuck. Apparently when I called the IRS and told them I was on unemployment and they told me I didn't have to pay until I was back on my feet, they lied. Apparently I didn't send something in that I didn't know had to be sent in. Things are unclear.

Here is what is clear.

When the phone line says you'll be on hold for 15 minutes what they really mean is 90 minutes. When you have a "free" 90 minutes here is what you can get done:

  • Your dishes
  • Bleach stained countertops
  • Remove everything hanging on your fridge
  • Clean outside of Fridge
  • Pee no less than 1 million times
  • Gold leaf magnetic Alphabet set, Minus the missing G
Lets focus on that last one, although it did not take the longest, it was by far the most fun. 

I present to you, Gold Leaf Alphabet DYI

I had some glow in the dark alphabet magnets on my way over saturated with stuff fridge. No one could see them, they were white on white which sounds like it could be super cute and minimalist. It wasn't. Trust me. I removed all the clutter from my fridge. All the magnets but these ones. Which by the way are not even great for holding stuff up... but lets give them credit, they were bought at the dollar store. 

Supplies needed:  
  • Alphabet letters, mine were white "glow in the dark"
  • Gold leaf 
  • Gold leaf adhesive
  • Sponge brush
  • Something to lay them on
  • Soft brush to remove gold from edges, not pictured. I know. I fail. 
Time needed: 

30 minutes, but specifically while on hold with the IRS. 


  1. Call IRS, get put on hold. 
  2. Optional: grab an alcoholic beverage, I opted out, it was before noon. 
  3. Gather supplies
  4. Pour adhesive into a small dish, you only need a little. 
  5. Using the sponge brush, paint a very thin layer of adhesive onto the tops of the magnets. 
  6. Get excited every time the hold song starts over. 
  7. Let adhesive dry for about 15 minutes, until the adhesive is clear and not longer milky. 
  8. Place letters adhesive side down onto gold leaf, try to puzzle them together to get the most bang for your buck. It only took me 2 sheets of gold leaf to complete this project. 
  9. Run your finger along the edge of the letter to removed extra gold leaf. 
  10. Using the soft brush, remove the extra gold leaf from the hard to get places. 
  11. DONE. 
  12. Wait on hold until all your eggs die and your hair falls out, but while enjoying such lovely magnets you have on your fridge. 

I did not gold leaf the edges of my alphabet, that seemed a little intense and something one would do whole being on hold with the unemployment office, not the IRS. 

Happy crafting!

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  1. This was extremely amusing. Also those turned out nice.


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