Mar 16, 2013

Just Make // Oh.

So I have a lack of making in my life. Before art school I made all the time. I painted, I crocheted, I sewed, I took photographs, I made prints, I made. I MADE. And I like the act of making. A lot. Isn't that why I went to art school? To learn how to make and why I make and why everyone who's ever made anything makes? Yes. This is why. 

So. I will start making on a regular basis again. I will start trying to get my creative gears going. I will oil the shit out of them and make sure they are in working order. And for starters I will use my wacom tablet for the betterment of mankind... I mean for the betterment of me. Because that's why I bought it. So here is the very beginning of this series were I just make. 

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