Mar 1, 2013

Tug on my heart strings, Husbands & Husbands

A friend posted this on facebook this morning. I watched it about a million times. This video tugs on my heart strings. A little boy experiencing husbands and husbands for the first time. He is so open, so honest and so adorable.

The conversation starts out with the little boy.

    You're both husbands?

    Is that confusing?

   You married each other?! That's funny.

   Thats funny right?

   Yeah. I usually see husbands and wives but this is the very first first time I saw husbands and husbands. 
   Its so funny. So that means you love each other? 


   Yeah. Hey I'm going to play ping pong now, you can play if you want to. 

That open invitation to play ping pong, a gesture that means more than that little boy probably knew. We should all take notes from this little guy.  

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