Feb 6, 2013

That Time I got Fired

You know there is always a first time for everything. It took me ten years of working before I have ever been "fired". Sure I've been laid off before but I have never had anyone fire me. "The company is heading in a new direction and your position is being effected." Oh. Really? You're telling me this now? Why did you wait until the 5th? You cancelled my photo appointment bright and early on the 31st. Thank you for lying to my face with that bright smile. Especially after we had that meeting about how much my boss hates bloggers, he sues them dry, and lying is not tolerated.

Lying is not tolerated. Except I watched you guys lie to people on a daily basis. No need to write me that referral, it doesn't exactly mean anything at this point. I already know I am awesome. I often thought to myself this company is not good for my well being. I am better than this. I have morals. I have real ethics not just a piece of paper that says I schmooze over my clients. I watched you treat clients like kings and your admin like crap.

So there were those 9 days in my life, where I worked for a company who looks great on paper and has the inner workings of pigs.

ps- there's already a new job posting on craigslist. For an administrative assistant this time... you know.. a job I'm actually qualified for... unlike the one that they hired me for so they could train me. This whole ordeal is ridiculous. 

pps- I was offered a temp job today by a friendly neighbor in the hallway of a friends building. I start tomorrow. 

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  1. Yay temp job! This whole thing is stupid, I'm sorry. But it is pretty awesome that you got something else right away<3


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