Feb 13, 2013

In This Place: A Poetry Anthology

Look! I'm doing something I said I would do! I'm updating you on Abigael's thesis project!

My good friend Abigael has a call for poetry submissions and her website up! From now until March 25, 2013 you can submit your work! This is an exciting opportunity for writers to potentially have their work as apart of Abigael's thesis. 

Here is a blurb from her website:

"I am looking for submissions of poetry that capture the energy of a place or that speak to your relationship with your surroundings. However, I am very open minded about the type of poetry that could potentially end up in the anthology. You may submit multiple poems and there is no restriction on form or length.

The submission deadline is March 25, 2013."

 If you write poems or you know someone who does, please pass this along. I am so proud of you Abs!

You can visit In This Place's facebook page here and the official website here.

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