Feb 19, 2013

Gifts From People You No Longer Like, A Serious Matter

Am I the only person who wants to throw away everything an exboyfriend gave me? Like Seriously. If the hook behind my door wasn't so handy I would totally dismount it and throw it away. If my Mt Hardware coat wasn't so warm and nice I would have goodwilled it. If the bag in this video wasnt so damn cute and perfect for groceries I'm sure it would have found a dumpster by now.

So here's a video about that... and some proof Portland, Oregon gets some sunshine every now and again.

PS- it was brought to my attention that one of my ex's (from 3 years ago) still looks me up on youtube from time to time... I thought this would be a horrible/fun video for him to find next time he does such things.


  1. Wait until you end up not-engaged but you have an engagement ring anyway and then you break up with him because you met your next boyfriend who would Later become your husband, and you have to send the ring back


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