Jan 23, 2013

The Oregon Zoo turned us into toddlers

Seriously. Look at the excitement on that face. Cracked out. Also note it was freezing I didn't wear socks. I'm the worse. Sorry feet. This last weekend Eric and I went to the zoo to see the baby elephant. OMG. So cute. Seriously, below is a picture of her mother covering her saying "stop the exploitation of my child!" ... but really she was stealing the celery from her baby.

I thought I was dragging this grown man to the zoo almost against his will... I kept saying "we dont have to go"... but I'm glad we did... because this dude ran around like a toddler so excited to see all the animals. Then horribly disappointed when the rhino wasnt out. Sorry dude.

I want take him back in the spring when all the animals will be out and having fun. Not hiding from the 30 degree temperatures we are having in Portland. Jesus Portland, what is this? Winter? Oh. No shit? It is? My bad.

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