Dec 15, 2012

Words well said

"Here is what i think

This week's atrocities were committed by young men seeking power and purpose in destruction.
I do not want to give them any. i do not want to carry their names on in my memory. I do not want their faces. 

They are not interesting. they are utterly boring. they are again and again: a young disenfranchised man whose mind became so inverted that he believed there could be meaning in death. An unremarkable face. A stolen gun.
I already know that story.
Show me instead the faces of the innocent lost, because those have meaning.
Demonstrate the power of human beings together.

Here is what I hope to do
Remember love, remember meaning, remember faces.
Remember the privilege of my voice.
Be ever vigilant for ways that I might empower others. Give the power to speak, to listen, to understand, to create. Gut oppression."
-R. Hermes 
Words by a dear friend that I thought were too perfect not to share. Amen sister. 

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