Dec 4, 2012

Super Normal Everyday Life, Sick Edition

When I'm not feeling well and all hopped up on Nyquil I like to take photobooth videos of so I can laugh at myself later. I suggest it.

Also, I am feeling much better now! I attribute the Pho.


  1. Oh Rachael, you make me smile. What IS it about apartments/houses that just don't, like, stay clean? They should do that. P.S. I've never had Pho, but have always wanted to.

  2. So you got it from a food cart. Behind your apartment. And you're sick. Hmmmmm.

    My mother-in-law has the same sickness, i'm sure, since Thanksgiving. Except she doesn't eat 'Pho. Or is it "What the Pho is this?" ;)

    Keep in touch. I still want to try live action pinholes, but not until you clean up your apartment.



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