Dec 9, 2012

Falling in love is hard

Falling in love is so hard when you can't be around them all the time. I have to remind myself he doesn't belong to me. And after living in this apartment for a month last summer, I have to remind myself that it doesn't belong to me either.

Last week, while Mickey was at work, I snuck into the apartment and dognapped Dash. He was sleeping in his cage and when he came out he was so sleepy still. We cuddled on the floor and I talked to him as he woke up, he is just like any two and a half year old toddler. Then after a good 45 minutes at the dog park he was ready for another nap.

This little exhausted face, I just fall in love with it, every time. 

And my heart goes out to Tim, a friend who lost his dog earlier this week. Hug your babies extra tight tonight.

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