Nov 15, 2012

Uncle Mike, the sailor dentist

My name is Rachael. Not Rachel. I like to joke that my mom can't spell but I have been told that I am named after my mom's favorite uncle. Uncle Mike. Michael. Michael-Mi+Ra=Rachael. He was a handsome sailor and probably a less handsome dentist. You know, that happens with age. He married a woman named Dixie. My mom once described Dixie as the prettiest woman she knew.

I adore this photo of Dixie and Mike, you know casually staring into each others eyes, while holding a drink in the garden. No Big Deal. All the staring in the world couldn't keep the two together and Uncle Mike died of cancer before I was born but I love hearing stories of them from my mom. Stories of her favorite uncle, that she named her only daughter after.

More proof to my mom not being able to spell: My brothers Erik and Jahn(John)


  1. What a handsome man your Uncle was Rachael!


  2. Awesome story. I wasn't named after anyone. My dad wanted to name me Sara, but my mom said "next one." and so my sister is named Sara.

    My mom did remember she had a horse growing up named Holly... so sometimes I say I'm named after a horse, ha.

    1. Holly the Horse. I love that. Sounds like a Polly Pocket character.


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