Nov 14, 2012

Mashed Potatoes with Beets

Can we just talk about how hot pink these mashed potatoes are? (Ignore the bad lighting, it gets dark before dinner time) They are so pink. Like peppermint ice cream. I assure you they are mashed potatoes and they were delicious. Maybe not as delicious as peppermint ice cream.. or maybe just a different delicious.

I roasted them in the oven with beets and garlic. I then mashed the potatoes and added in about a quarter of a beet and it turned them the brightest pink. It also gave them a very rich flavor. I happen to love beets, if you don't this isnt for you. Also eating food thats a weird color isnt for everyone. It threw me off.

Mashed Potatoes with Beets

2 medium beets
3 red potatoes
half clove of garlic 
sprig of rosemary
1/4 cup cream cheese(this is the key to creamy mashed potatoes you would murder for)
4 Tablespoons Milk(whole for the fatties, skim for the soulless)
olive oil to coat
salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 400

Quarter the potatoes and beets and peel the garlic. Toss potatoes, beets, garlic and rosemary in a large ziplock bag with enough olive oil to coat the vegetables. Add a little salt and pepper. Shake that ass. Watch yourself. While shaking your ass also shake the bag.

Put mixture in a glass pan and place in the oven for 30-45 minutes, until beets are cooked. When done take pan out of the oven and separate the potatoes and garlic from the rest. I used my stand mixer to whip these up because I am impatient and lazy but you can do it by hand as well. Mix potatoes, garlic, cream cheese and milk until smooth. Add a quarter of a beet, mix and watch the magic happen. When its done a rainbow should appear over the pot of hot pink fluff. If you are on shrooms. I was not on shrooms so I just guessed.

Now eat the crap out of this.


  1. Oh man that looks so delicioussssssss. And I want peppermint ice cream now, ha!

  2. OH and try herb & garlic cream cheese! SERIOUSLY AMAZING.


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