Nov 6, 2012

A celebratory dance for equality

After last nights elections I just felt the need to dance. Gobama.

And I am so proud of my home state for legalizing gay marriage. I live in the gay neighborhood of downtown Portland. Across from Scandals, a gay bar. One time I watched a drag queen on a motorcycle ride down 12th avenue and straight into the bar. If a friend hadn't witnessed it with me, I might not have believed my eyes.... but that bar has been nonstop screaming, hooting and hollering over the 4 states to legalize gay marriage. Even as an old fashioned girl, I'm not shy about my beliefs of human equality.

"No one in America should ever be afraid to walk down the street holding the hand of the person they love" - Barack Obama 

Thank you Washington State. Oregon, let's get the ball rolling.


  1. Don't forget about me. Tell mwe when you have some time and i'll get together with you to talk about my photographic idea.


  2. hahaha I love you. & the song was perfect.


Dance. Your. Heart. Out.