Oct 9, 2012

things to remember, a ficitious argument

One time a old good friend(that I guess I was dating) called me intoxicated... to argue. He did not know what he was going to argue about and he had nothing to back up this imaginary argument but these facts do not stop a stubborn man... oh no.... they fuel the fire.

He was at a dance club, I was at home in my underwear. Other events transpired this day but they are neither here or there. The short of the story is this friend called me to argue, couldn't remember what he wanted to argue about and then convinced himself that I was right. He ended the phone call with an "I love you, Rachael. I'll give you a hug when I'm done at the bar."

I claimed victory in this fictitious argument.

I am proud of this small victory. I am also proud of myself for not posting the video of this argument online. I recorded it all through photobooth, an awkward video of myself reacting to his nonsense over speakerphone. 

These little silly moments in life are why I blog. Let's remember my small victories in life. Be them works of fiction. 

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