Oct 2, 2012

Waspy seasoning

So if you are one of those snobby snobs who is too good for store bought mixed seasonsing, move along now. I don't like you and we can't be friends. Ok, that's harsh, we can still have this one sided friendship where you read my blog and I don't know you.

So yes, Mrs Dash.... I love you. 

Food stamps don't come for 2 more days. God bless food stamps and the state of Oregon and tax payers. They allow me to eat... for most of the month. I'm not starving dontcha worry your little self. I am a crafty bitch and I know how to mix it up. Like with Mrs Dash Fiest Lime seasoning... the one where I know every ingredient in the damn bottle because its just herbs and spices and dried lime.

This stuff is heavenly and any time I go to bad mexican I wish I was one of those crazy ladies who kept her own seasoning in her purse. Also I understand I live in the pacific north west, I dont know real mexican food. I'm just some privileged white girl. It's ok. Lady Gaga taught me I was born this way.

So go and throw this stuff on your frozen french fries. Add some sriracha to your ketchup and delight yourself in mariachi pandora. It's called cultured people... and clearly I am the definition.


  1. No judgement here. I have many a Mrs. Dash in my pantry, including Fiesta Lime. Nice improv lady!

  2. I chuckled to myself a total of 5 times while reading this post = I love you.


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