Sep 13, 2012

Unemployed, Uninspired

So I'm sitting here writing this in my underwear. Yes, I'm a 26 year old college graduate. Yes, I know this isn't helping me be employed. Yes, they are pink. I know, you really didn't need that visual but its like 2pm and its warm out and goddammit I pay my own rent and I live by myself. I can be in my underwear. Oh and I'm cleaning. I'm cleaning so I can get a good look at all the stuff I own. I feel very uninspired in my apartment.

Uninspired to move out of bed, to get dressed, to cook anything but coffee, to make art, to design, to do laundry, take out the trash, help someone in need, help myself.... pretty much anything. No wonder I'm on edge all the time. I'm sorry Dave. Thank you for putting up with me. You're welcome for putting up with you. I'm making cheesecake today. If you're lucky I'll save you a piece. And we all know you're lucky. You get to date me. (side note: I dislike when people say there's no such thing as luck and/or that prayer doesn't work.. this really needs its own post)


Yesterday I drug all the clothes out of my closet and I constructed my very own mountain range crossing from the bed to the kitchen. I shall call it the mountains of productivity.... because it was a first step to cleaning that I really didn't want to take.

I'm not showering until the apartments clean. Which means I might not shower today. It's ok, I have no plans to interact with another human being. Unless Denese shows up to help me eat cheesecake. Lets all pray for the cheesecake.

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  1. This post is uncanny. This is *exactly* how I'm feeling today. I was in my pj's until 3 pm. A few days ago I completely threw my entire wardrobe onto my bed and re-organized it. And you know what else? Today I made cheesecake. SHUT UP. Right? Are we the same person?

    I'm sorry we're both feeling uninspired and such. I'll pray for you, and the cheesecake. Don't bother praying for mine, it already cracked.


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