Sep 18, 2012

Thoughts on being butt hurt

Im not very good at staying mad at anything for too long. Unless your name starts with an A. Or a B. Not that I was mad, I was more just butt hurt. But Dave starts with a D and I hope that asshole (i mean that in an endearing way babe) and I can just go back to being normal friends again. Like January 2010 to August 2012. That was a good 2 and a half years.

That being said, here is a silly picture of me from a week ago, before Karens birthday dinner. I don't own a full length mirror thus photo booth gets used a lot to see a "full" view of myself.

also. because i guess im not done. i didnt even want to date dave. i knew it wasnt going to work. i held out dating him because i dont get those butterflies around him. i dont feel girlfriend special and i know hes not up to my dating standards. so what the fuck. why am i even butt hurt. 


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    1. I love them! Its still warm in Portland, 87 today, and I as much as I love that I can't wait to where my boots around town! Hopefully to a new job soon!


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