Sep 27, 2012

that time i made mozzarella

I bought my dad a cheese making kit for his birthday. I think he saw someone make cheese on tv and he had mentioned that he wanted to do it. Except I brought a gallon of milk over to his house this weekend and I did it myself. While he was gone. Selfish child. Ok, theres enough stuff for 9 more batches, so I'm not too selfish. I couldnt get great pictures because as I said, I was doing this alone. The box said it 'make cheese in less than an hour!' what it meant was 'make cheese in 10 minutes!'

The whole process was way faster than I thought it would be... also a lot grosser than I thought. The whey was tinted green and it looked pretty disgusting. For my first time I think it turned out ok. It was edible. I didn't pull the cheese enough so it was stringy like mozzarella should be but it was edible.

I'm excited to do it again... with dad next time... and hopefully it'll turn out a little more mozzarella like.

Have you ever made cheese?

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  1. Technically, you didn't make mozzarella. You made ‘Fior di latte'. You need buffalo's milk to make Mozzarella.



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