Sep 1, 2012

Rainbow Birthday for Ruby

A couple of weekends ago I went to coast to visit my friend Denese and her family. I really wish I lived closer to these guys they are so much fun. Denese and I met 6(ish) years ago through a dungeon master I dated. (yeah, I know, I only date cool kids) The relationship didn't last and Denese was the best thing to come of the relationship. I'd do it all over again, just for you girl!

Denese has this awesome talent... its called making beautiful babies. Sebastian stole my heart and I really wanted to take him home with me. Get off the breast milk dude, so I can put you in my luggage next time. 

Ruby turned 4 and her birthday was rainbow themed. I busted out this rainbow cake at 1am. Its what friends do for their friends who have kids. And its good to know she's got my back when my time comes.


  1. I've wanted to make a rainbow cake since ALWAYS. When's your birthday? I'll make me one then, cause I'm such a good friend. Even though it really probably won't be as beautiful as yours, or your star wars cakes. Rachael! Let's open a nerdy bakery!

    1. hah. Mines February 10th. 27! Whooooo

      You will rock a rainbow cake girl! I suggest making 2 batches of cake. This was really difficult to work with since there were 6 pancake like layers. Seriously though, lets open that bakery!


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