Sep 13, 2012

Mom, look! Tomatoes!

There was a time in my life when I hate tomatoes. 25 years to be exact.

But today I called my mom to tell her how good the tomato was that dad grew in the garden. She responded with "take a picture, put it on the blog!" Mom.... you know me so well. I had already taken pictures. This tomato was all meat. The part of the fruit that I hate is the seeds... that slime that the seeds live in. Gross. But tomatoes like this are perfect. So red, so meaty, so juicy and sweet. I put half of it on my pasta and I was going to put the other half in the fridge but I ended up sprinkling salt on it and eating it for dessert.

Then I had real dessert... that cheesecake I made wasn't perfect... it cracked, the cooking was uneven and the crust was too thick but lets be honest here... I ate the shit out of it.

So here's to not hating tomatoes!

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