Sep 26, 2012

Long drives with Mama

When I was younger my mom and I would drive up to her sisters house on the weekends. Its probably only a 25 minute drive but it always felt like it took hours. My mom would tell me stories and as I got older the stories would change for age appropriateness and gaps would be filled. My mom is a good story teller. Hell she's a good everything... but I especially like her story telling (and enchiladas).

This last labor day I was yearning for a long drive out to the country, my aunt has since moved but we still visited her at work and picked up some subs to eat for lunch. It was gorgeous day and we drove up to the Old Grist Mill. Then we drove to my aunts old house, down old dirt roads, roads that led us to nowhere.

We took the back way through the woods and I was completely lost but my mom somehow knew exactly where we were at all times.... or she was lying. And in that case she really is good at everything.

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