Sep 3, 2012

Family BBQ

So my family doesn't mess around when they do a family barbeque. As pictured above you can see my dad cooked 4 racks of pork ribs and like 200 chickens. And is that a sausage in there? I. Don't. Even. Know. We also ate vegetables. Don't worry.

Do potatoes count if they are made into rosemary fries? The rosemary came from dads garden. 

And the eggplant in this lovely mash of seafood also came from the garden. It was my favorite thing I ate that day. The eggplant took on all those delicious flavors and was cooked to perfection. 

My aunt and cousins joined the fun and it was so good to see so much family at one time. I love my family so much. I had a blast at their house and.... what? Yeah, I even learned how to crack a whip. Which by the way is not graceful at all and impossible to photograph.


Dance. Your. Heart. Out.