Sep 19, 2012

Compliments from strangers

So in the last two days I've gotten compliments from random strangers. Yesterday at the grocery store a guy was yelling at his kid and stopped to tell me I had the prettiest eyes he's ever seen. I was totally thrown off and awkwardly thanked him. I wanted to tell him his parenting skills sucked but I held back.

Then today while walking to my friend Mickeys apartment, I was standing on the street corner waiting for my light to change and a jogger stopped to tell me that I had on the cutest fall outfit and that I was so pretty and she wished she had my outfit. I was all giggly and like "noooo youuurrrr prrreetttttyy" because she was. Even in her running clothes. I'm not cute at all when I run. She is one of the magical creatures who looks flawless 24/7. Compliments from people that you think are attractive always feel a little better.

I like to compliment strangers myself. Mainly women walking past me on the side walk. It's usually well received by women older than myself but girls my age or younger tend to give "no shit sherlock, im fucking cute" looks back at me. And that's ok. Let them think their shit don't stink.

These two accounts in two days really helped my self esteem. I started a new birth control and my skin is just freaking out over it. Ugh. It's like 16 year old me just wanted to stop in and say hello, in the language of acne.... thanks me 10 years ago. And thank you complete strangers, I really needed those compliments.

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