Sep 15, 2012

and im single again

Not that you ever knew I wasnt. Because I didnt formally tell you that Dave and I were dating. But we were. And up until that point of dating Dave, things were so cute. Then we started dating, like 2 weeks ago? Maybe 3? and then he got distant and weird and super unlike Dave.

I called him out on this. I'm used to a better Dave.

And then he still didnt invite me out on Fridays or Saturdays or his days off or really to do anything besides watch him drink at a bar. Quality time people. Quality. Thanks for including me.

So after not talking to him for 2 days. (Dave, I saw you noon thursday, so noon thursday to friday plus noon friday to saturday, is 2 days. Did I call you, yes, did you answer, no. Does the text to show you the cheesecake I baked you count, no. You didnt respond.) ANYWAY. Yeah, so I call him tonight. Here is a not at all word for word transcript of how it happened.

"yo dawg, whats up?"
"Oh I'm at a bbq with my friends"
"Oh, thats weird you dont want to hang out wiht your girlfriend, or invite her to hang out on a friday or saturday night"
"yeah, i was just thinking about that"
"yeah, this isnt really working Dave"
"Ive been thinking that for a week"

wait... was that suppose to make me feel better? You know that you dont want to hang out with your girlfriend on the weekends and you know that you didnt want to date me for a week. thats cool and doesnt hurt my feelings at all. thanks for having sex with me this week. You know, that week where you wanted to break up with me. Thats chill. You basically went from wanting to date me to dating me to instantly wanting to not date me. But then you tell me its not me its you. Cool. Lets still be friends like you suggest. Like you didnt just rip my heart out and eat it in front of me.

Anyway, this just happened. I'm butt hurt and its obvious.

Also, Dave's dad called me bitchy the other day. Dave laughed, I wanted to cry, Dave didn't even notice. btdubs, I wasnt even being bitchy.

Also, don't date me if you don't want your life on this blog. That seems simple and obvious.


  1. That sucks big time, I'm sorry girl. You should make a "Dave sucks" cake and eat the crap out of it.

    1. Im not even mad that we broke up. It wasnt working, thats what you do when relationships dont wory, its logic. i just dont understand how he could be a jerk to me... like it was my fault.


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