Aug 6, 2012

Friends like this aren't a dime a dozen

So when you find them, you keep them for life. We met in a ceramics class at Community College. I sat down across from her, most likely because shes a total babe and we both had our septum's pierced. Probably the best decision I ever made choosing a seat in a classroom. That was 7 years ago. In those seven years we've held each others hands through pregnancy tests(they were all negative mom), she rushed to my house early in the morning to share an engagement, I've guarded photobooths while she took topless photos, we consoled each other during break-ups, we've photographed each other in our underwear (they were tasteful and its what art school girls do in college mom), we both moved across the state line and we both moved away from ceramics in our art careers. We applied to different art schools which meant we don't see each other all the time, our art practices didn't align but when we find time to spend together, I don't care what we are doing as long as she's there. And its always like no time has passed since we saw each other last. Even if we are planning on living by carelessly through our daughters making them attend state colleges so we can experience the sororities we missed out on. She doesn't judge me because she knows me too well and she never fails to make me laugh. Thank you, you fine lady.

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  1. Sweet post! Friends are the best. Good friends, haha.


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