Aug 5, 2012

Dress #2

So, as you can see, I wore dress number 2! Because well, it just the best choice and I do love this damn dress. Matched Dave the best, super light and airy, super easy to wear... what else can you ask of a dress? Pockets. But who needs pockets when you have a Dave, who carries your ID and lipgloss for you. And yes, this was the end of the night and we were drunk and I had already taken my heels off. And yes, I did knot that bowtie... I also bought him matching socks. Best date ever goes to Rachael. (but really to Dave)


And you know you have awesome friends when they point out the Delorean parked a block up and they encourage you to run up to the group of men so you can take a picture. Can I take a picture translated into "can I sit on your lap without your permission and have my "boyfriend" take our picture!?!!?!?!"

Thank you Dave for another well done wedding. Anyone getting married in September? We need a wedding to crash.

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