Jul 17, 2012

I'm now unemployed... lets party

The above is the last picture I will ever take of myself in my cubical at Western Federal Lands Highway Division. Oh... you wanted to know where I worked all these years? For the federal government. In the short of it I was a student, I graduated and I am no longer eligible for the student program so yesterday was my last day of work.

Now there are a lot of words I want to say here and I'm not going to. Instead I'm going to say thanks WFLHD for paying my rent while I was in college, for working with my school schedule and for all the holiday pay, sick leave and annual leave. I felt privileged... when you weren't treating me like the neighbors dog.... oh wait.. no I wasn't going to say words like that. I'll bite my tongue now.

So in my first day of unemployment I still work up early. I made myself asparagus and eggs, showered and got dressed. I wore half the make up I usually do and went to an afternoon movie with my friend Dave. Then I took an afternoon 3 hour nap. That was amazing. I made dinner, watched bad tv and now I'm ready for bed.

While I'm sorting out all of these unemployment stuff and looking for jobs, I'll be building myself a website, selling my thesis work online and opening a shop for custom pieces. I'm pretty excited about it. Portland in the summer? Perfect time to lose your job.

And Mom, thank you so much for getting me a job in your office. Thank you for the coffee delivered to my desk every morning, the lemon cake, the yogurt, the donuts. Thank you for lunch every work day for 3 years. I am sure you'll save enough money to buy a diamond crusted starbucks cup for yourself. I loved the morning walk breaks, I loved playing ping pong in the afternoon. I wouldn't have stayed there so long if it wasn't for the hugs you gave me every time I was frustrated. I love you. You'll do just fine with out me.

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