Jun 12, 2012

slumber partying it up

Last week my cousin's kids came over to have some fun and spend some time with their cousin Rachael! That's me! I adore this kids to death and I love seeing them. But let me tell you, at 26 years old, slumber parties are exhausting. Especially after a 40 hour work week!

You can see and read more about it after the jump!

 We went to Powells bookstore, where they read books forever! It was so much fun to see them enthused about reading. Malia just happened to pick up one of my favorite books, The Giving Tree. Ate dinner at Noodles and Co and then off to Ben and Jerrys for ice cream (always a big hit). We spent the night watching movies and eating popcorn. The next day we went to Saturday Market and ate some Hawaiian food.

 Yep. Def related.
 Cheesin' it out Malia!
 This was the faces we made after Mimi told us to make "normal" faces. Love her stink eye.
 They loved peeking out the windows all day and night.
 And we clearly had a blast with photo booth! Can't wait to have them back!


  1. bahaha awesome!! glad you guys had an awesome time together!! :)

  2. your face in the second-to-last picture says "can't wait to have them back, and I need a drink." ;)

    1. for real! lol Love them so much but it was exhausting!


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