Jun 13, 2012

Mini Golf, Hotties and a wedding

So Katie and Blaine finally tied the knot! Could not be happier for them! Except they are younger than me. People. Totally rude. Please let me get married first. Please let me find a boyfriend first. I am older I get to make up the rules. ohhhh wait, thats not how real life works. Dammit.

Well in loo of having a beau, I took my bestest guy friend Dave as my date.... which I am not complaining about at all! We always have a blast together and we often get mistaken for being a couple. Maybe its because I grab his butt. Maybe its because he grabs mine. Or it could be all that making out. Seriously, I have no clue why people think we are together. Lies. He's the best though. And a total hottie. I should make it clear I am marrying him in 9 years. I hope he feels special to be my marriage back up plan. You are very welcome Dave.

Katie and Blaine had mini-golf at their wedding. How rad is that? We had a blast and played all 36 holes. I got a hole in 1! which makes me way better than Dave even though he was clearly way better than myself.

Congrats guys! I'd wish you luck but you don't need it!

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