Jun 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

After a long stressful week of dealing with both of his parents in the hospital, papa really deserves moments like this.

I love you dad.

On a side note, I started up my twitter again! If you want daily ramblings and photos, follow me! The link is the left on the side bar!


  1. Hi Rachael. If you still work with Nick tell him to see his Grandpa. Then tell him to see his uncle.

    I've been o.k., but I hate my job. It pays the bills, but so does industrialized prostitution.

    I'm going to hammer a fifth of ameretto tonight. So much for being productive...


    1. Done and Done Dan! Hope things look up for ya!

  2. Aw, bummer that both of your dad's parents are in the hospital! Hope they're okay.

    Sweet post, though! :) Happy Father's Dad to your pops!

    1. Thanks Holly!

      Grandma is kicking strong. Grandpa is back in the ICU. He is in good hands and only my crazy aunt thinks hes on his death bed. He'll pull through and be just fine!


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