Jun 19, 2012


So my 82 year old grandfather was dog walking my grandmothers dog while she was at the hospital for a hernia surgery. Grandpa trips over dog and breaks his femur. In three places. He lives in the country so no one was around to help him. He drug his ass down a long gravel drive way and up to the house so he could call for help. Its kind of amazing. What else would you expect from a crazy old veteran.

He and grandma are both in the same assisted living physical therapist home right now. Down the hall from each other. Grandma tells her nurses shes going to visit her ex husband down the hall. Today grandpa told me comb overs are a big lie. Yes gramps, they are.

The above photo was taken after my dad put working batteries in grandpas hearing aids, he was pretty excited to be able to hear again.


Dance. Your. Heart. Out.