May 26, 2012

I like graduated college or something

Whoa. Really? Did I just do that? I just graduated college? Like I have a college degree? A real life bachelors degree? Neat. I thought I was having fun working my ass off for something. Can I just tell you that "i have a college degree" "I'm a college graduate" "its like i went to college or something" have been my favorite things to say.

My mom was real excited, can you tell? :)

When I graduated high school I did not want to go to college, it was a far away dream that people with money did. In my family we worked. Our asses off. So when my art teacher wrote in my year book "when i win the lottery, I'll send you to OCAC" (Oregon college of art and craft) I kind of just laughed. Thanks Mrs Cole, for believing in me. But then after spending way too much time in community college figuring shit out, I applied to OCAC and PNCA and shit dude, I GOT IN. I got into Portland's (all of Oregon's???) two private fine art colleges. Go team Rachael. In the end I didn't take Mrs Cole's advice but I instead went to the Pacific Northwest College of Art. And now that I'm not there everyday, I feel ok telling you where I was studying. I'm proud of that damn school. And I'm proud of my damn self.


Dance. Your. Heart. Out.