May 27, 2012

Graduation Photo Extravaganza

Morgan, myself, Megan and Jalissa getting ready to graduate!
 A collection of my favorite moments during my college graduation weekend. I love my new camera and being able to capture my lovely little life everywhere I go.

Only our favorite.

yeah dad, you tap that pony keg

my grandfather signing my graduation check!

some family at my graduation party!

it was fun watching my family cycle through the gallery spaces

hello school commons

graduation dinner! mussels and fries at Bridgeport!

Megan being real classy looking at Dave's work


I'm going to miss this.

a lot

hello handsome

wahoooooo excitement lol

holding a glass of wine that wasnt mine!

Thesis work in the BFA show

gold gold gold

and finally walking across stage!


  1. Love the pictures yo! I'm happy for you for graduating! Now what?

    1. Now... uh.... now I work for 3 weeks and then collect unemployment while i look for another job! lol

  2. Man I wanna drink with you, haha!

    CONGRATULATIONS, again!! :) Looks like such a fun celebrationnnnnnnnn. That rooftop place looks awesome. Or maybe it's not on a rooftop. The place with the lights. Y'know. Looks awesome, haha. & you're cute.

    1. Yes! Come drink! Portland is the land of microbrews and I live within blocks of the brewery district! That rooftop place is pretty rad when its not raining! Conveniently located 1 block from school lol


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