Mar 3, 2012

Happy 20th Birthday Natalie!

Happy 20th Birthday, baby cousin! I cannot believe you're 20... that makes me old. Officially old. What happened to that baby doll I would carry with me everywhere? The one who owned like 50 pairs of shoes and could swim like a fish? 

I hold you so close to my heart, you are loved deeply girl.

Mostly because you put up with my shenanigans and pose for silly pictures.

Or because you get me through SUPER long car rides. 

It's no doubt we're related. 

And I am so happy I started taking you out to "fancy" downtown Portland dinners the year I moved. I cannot wait to take you out this year!... but really I'm more excited to wait just one more year for your 21st! Dance clubs... watch out.
Your 18th birthday! Bad lighting and all, I still cherish this!

Super cute on your 19th birthday!

and look how cute (and tan) we were last summer with your brother on the left and your youngest nephew in the middle! 

Enjoy your twenties girl, let me be the first to tell you they go by way too fast!

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  1. :) This was a sweet post! It must have sucked waiting to turn 21 in the States! Haha. In Ontario we thought 19 was bad! ;) (Because some other provinces legal drinking age is 18. So, naturally when you turn 18 you go to Montreal for a weekend to LEGALLY drink, bahaha.)


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