Mar 4, 2012

Greeting from central studios

Megan and I were hard at work here... well... Megan was at least... I was snapping photos of how freaking adorable we are. Can I just say, I have cute friends. We are in the screen printing studio at our school here. Also I get new glasses. I am really in love with them. Nothing like a new pair of glasses to make you want to wear glasses again. They are pretty nerd chic.

Mid term reviews are Monday! A group of 4 professional artists/curators/art people come into my studio and give me feedback on my work... for an hour. Its making me really anxious... but I am sure it'll go great and I'll get a lot of great feedback. But seriously AHHHHHHH.


  1. Good luck dude! I'm sure you'll do fine, probably. :) Just kidding, you will do fine. Feedback is always good.

    Also, shuper shweet glasses. I need new ones so bad. Where'd you get yours?

  2. I love getting new glasses!! Haha.

    You look so purdy! Love your lipstick! I wish I wasn't so scared to try wearing lipstick, haha. I just never wear makeup so I feel like I'd look supa weird.


  3. Love the glasses, LLH. Sorry I didn't get to see you while in Portland, but I'll be back in July for the big beer festival. Meet me there & I'll spot you a schooner or two!


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