Mar 20, 2012

Dear Portland,

I love the way you are sunny and bright one day and you pour cats and dogs the next.... there's sarcasm there... I hope you got that. I was watching netflix and the ran was so loud it disrupted me. I grabbed my camera and ran to the window. This is the real Portland, Oregon.


  1. Yay for stupid weather! The last two days I woke up to snow covering everything and having to scrape ice off my windshield, to having to turn my A/C on while driving home in the bright sunshine with no snow anywhere at the end of the day, lol. Utah is bipolar.

    1. haha wow.... that is crazy. its just been really wet and gloomy here. we had 1 day of 60 degree weather and I want it back SOOOO bad! I need dresses and skirts and girly clothing! no more layers and layers and layers.


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