Feb 13, 2012

Just went up in my book

So the night before my birthday I made some delicious delicious super easy to make curry... but I apparently had no rice. Now I've used the online ordering from PF Chang's several times. It's super easy and I can order off the kids meal and pick it up. I get enough food to eat for less than $5. Theres a location 2 blocks from my apartment so its super easy. Did I mention how super easy is it? In loo of no rice, I call them up to order 2 sides. After telling the first lady what I want she transfers me to the manager. After telling him what I ordered he tells me he'll just give me 2 orders of rice. I was pleasantly surprised and said "what?? You didn't even know its my birthday!" Which it wasnt.... but you know, it was like 6 hours from it.

I show up to the restaurant 10 minutes later and I am given the above. Thank you PF Chang's for unexpectedly making my birthday a little more magical.

This post was not in anyway sponsored by PF Changs. 


  1. That is totally magical. I love happy things like that.

  2. Awesome!!! When shops go out of their way to make your birthday extra special it's super awesome.


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